Our Services

Service Is Our Strength

At Krazee Klean, we provide high quality and large quantity industrial dry cleaning to the oilfield industry in Bonnyville, Cold Lake, and the entire Lakeland area. Our pickup and delivery service cannot be beaten with a fleet of vans running around the area for a quick turnaround.

Highlights of our award winning services include:

  • Free coverall pick-up (within a 2hr drive)
    (No Freight Charge)
  • Free delivery (within a 2hr drive)
    (No Fuel Charge)
  • In Bonnyville 5 days/week
  • 24hr. drop off chute in Ft. Kent
  • Emergency cleaning (no extra charge)
We specialize in cleaning Rain Gear and Gloves

Our Services


Our industrial dry cleaning services keep our oilfield workers working. We provide an all-around cleaning service so our oilfield workers are hassle free, worry free, and safe to do their jobs everyday.

Your safety is important to us. That is why at Krazee Klean our process not only cleans your coveralls but also removes the oil, which is necessary to make your coveralls less flammable.


With our state of the art equipment, we have provided commercial laundry services to the Department of National Defence in both Cold Lake and Wainwright. This helps to keep our military personnel in safe and comfortable clothing while they perform essential services for all Canadians.


Are your coveralls in need of repair? Our seamstresses can look after any repair, zipper replacement, or safety striping installation.